President of Kindergarten!

Kindergarten students learned about citizenship through the voting process at the Early Childhood Campus last week.  Classrooms introduced and discussed animals representing particular character traits like respect, responsibility, kindness and so on. Students then voted for their favorite animal.  

Teachers made it look very similar to an actual polling place complete with voting ballots.  Every classroom chose their “character candidate” advancing their choice to a central polling location where a general election was held.   “The overall winners were Karina the Kangaroo (representing “Caring”) and Kupa the Bear (representing “Citizenship”).”

After announcing the two candidates, each kindergarten student had to make a campaign poster for the character they felt should be the next president. The campaign posters were hung inside and outside of the classroom. On Monday, February 8th, Kupa the Bear became President of the ECC.

Kupa was unavailable for comment but his press secretary (Mrs. Carrasco) wanted to thank all his friends at the Early Childhood Campus for a wonderful campaign and for their votes. Thanks ECC for teaching about character and the values of citizenship and caring!

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